elcome to serverjuice.com
I am a computer consultant and freelance server administrator.
My primary focus is on the Linux and Unix operating systems, though some work is done with the Windows OS as well.

I have had the opportunity to work with large multi million dollar corporations as well as small start up companies with only a few employees and a few servers.
I can work in various areas.
Some of which include

  • HTTP web servers such as Apache, lighttpd, IIS
  • Mail server software - Sendmail, postfix, qmail, exim
  • Database software - MySQL and PostgreSQL
  • DNS software - BIND and Windows DNS
  • Other web service containers such as Jakarta Tomcat (Java)
  • Security and server hardening
  • Custom shell scripts
  • Data migrations between multiple servers
  • Custom automated backup solutions
  • Web design and development
  • Custom PHP/MySQL development
  • Advise on what you can do to keep your server and your online business running as smooth as possible

Server adminsitration can be a complicated and sometimes daunting task that requires a methodical and experienced approach in order to reach your desired goal.

If you have a project large or small and are looking for someone you can trust to help get the job done, feel free to contact me to discuss how we can work together to bring the project to a quick and efficient close.

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